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Secure Transport Services

Secure transport can be a costly and challenging operation. Our customers rely on Rayhans Secure Transport Services to safely transport challenging individuals. We offer journeys to and from secure and non-secure locations, NHS or private hospitals, courts, police stations, places of residence, secure and non-secure children placements – we are here to support you.

Our staff focus on a person-centred approach, they are trained to support and not control patients. Our service is completely bespoke ensuring the individual needs of the Service User and young people are met and exceeded.

We can transport any individual from anywhere in the UK to a location of your choice in the UK.

Every time we transport someone we treat them with the utmost dignity and respect regardless of their situation. The vehicles we use to transport people are comfortable and do not bear any markings that show that the vehicle is being used for secure transportation to save the potential embarrassment of the individual being escorted.

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